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Make the most of natural daylight by removing any unnecessary blinds/curtains around frosted windows and be sure to include mirrors to reflect the light. When electrical lights are required for those vanity tasks there are a few basic tips we can share:

  1. Install a pair of wall sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror to provide shadowless illumination. This creates the best scenario for applying make-up, shaving and tooth care.
  2. Alternatively you can install a linear light(s) above your mirror. Be sure to cover the width of your mirror to avoid any shadows.
  3. The ideal Wattage for task lighting would be 75-100 Watts of illumination or 20-25 Watt LED.
  4. Putting task lighting on a dimmer will allow your eyes to adjust first thing or help you wind down at night. You will need to use dimmable light bulbs/lamps with a dimmer switch.
  5. For general lighting also include a flush or semi-flush ceiling fitting that has opal or etched glass to provide a stylish solution and minimize the glare but still allow enough light output for bathroom tasks.

When lighting in the bathroom is done well it can look stunning. Look for different levels of lighting and maybe discuss LED strip lighting around architectural features and cabinets with your bathroom installer, to provide low level night lights. For decorative lighting fittings consider the following tips:

  1. Don’t think of dimmers as luxury, but essential if you want to control the mood of the space and create a tranquil sanctuary.
  2. Also ask your electrician to put all the lights on different switches so you can choose those fittings that will set a cosy atmosphere.
  3. If you have a period property with nice high ceilings you could consider one of our glamorous crystal chandeliers to add a beautiful sparkling fixture to your bathroom.
  4. Decorative wall sconces around the bathroom can provide that softer romantic lighting when relaxing in the tub. Choose fittings with similar details that compliment your taps and other metalwork in the room. Ambient lighting fixtures should look as good switched off as they do on if they suit the design era you have chosen for the rest of your bathroom.
  5. Finally, choose a lower wattage light bulb/lamp for ambient ceiling or wall lights and perhaps with a warmer colour temperature to make the room feel inviting.

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